Websites of Interest

AlternativesToSchoolLOGOA comprehensive and excellent website about self-directed learning and the case against forced schooling. Peter Gray, a research professor of psychology at Boston College, who published research in neuroendocrinology, developmental psychology, anthropology, and education is a major contributor to the website.

Schooling the world

The website and film help to examine the hidden assumption of cultural superiority behind education aid projects, which overtly aim to help children “escape” to a “better life” – despite mounting evidence of the environmental, social, and mental health costs of our own modern consumer lifestyles, from epidemic rates of childhood depression and substance abuse to pollution and climate change.

It looks at the failure of institutional education to deliver on its promise of a way out of poverty – here in the United States as well as in the so-called “developing” world.

SCHOOLING THE WORLD calls for a “deeper dialogue” between cultures, suggesting that we have at least as much to learn as we have to teach, and that these ancient sustainable societies may harbor knowledge which is vital for our own survival in the coming millennia