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By donating $75.00 you become a sponsor of Creative Outcomes for 12 months. We will display your ad on a sponsor slider or banner on each page and post of our website for those 12 months beginning 10 days after receiving your donation of $75.00 and signed sponsor agreement.

Sponsor sliders are of various sizes as you can see on this page if viewing on a desktop computer. On mobile phones sliders display same size, adjusting to maximum screen width. Size and location of sliders on pages and posts depend on page layout and content. Slideshows start with a random ad on each page load with a maximum of 12 ads per slider.


How to Become Our Sponsor

1 — Donate

Donate $75.00 clicking on the bottom below. You will be able to use your credit or debit card and will receive an email confirmation.

2 — Fill Out

Fill out the Sponsor Agreement Form, sign it and send it as email attachment to info@creativeoutcomes.org.

Download Sponsor Agreement Form


3 — Submit

Submit all needed digital files to create your ad such as logo and images via email to info@creativeoutcomes.org. These can be as pdf, jpeg, png, or gif files.


4 — Approve

Within 5 business days of having received your donation, sponsor agreement, and needed digital files we will contact you by email with ad designs for you to review and approve before publishing. Any delays from your part in providing the needed information to create your ad will reduce the amount of time your ad is visible on our site.


That’s it and THANK YOU!!!!


Visitor Statistics of www.creativeoutcomes.org

Within the past 60 days our website has been visited 202 times with 1270 page views, averaging 6 pagodas per visitor. Comparing August  to September 2015 we have doubled the number of visitors and expect this will continue to increase. You can view our statistics clicking on the following link:

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